How to Address a Postcard in 7 Easy Steps

Sending postcards to family, friends, or loved ones is a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do. It offers them a glimpse into your trip or destination. 

However, how a postcard is addressed determines if your postcard will be delivered and how quickly it will be delivered. The handwritten message and address of the recipient are what make up the postcard.

Want to ensure that your postcard hits the bull’s eye by communicating a heartfelt message and correctly writing an address? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to properly address a postcard to help you avoid mistakes. 

Addressing a Postcard 

Sending a postcard to someone shows that you’re thinking of them. To ensure that your postcard is even more special, you should see to it that your postcard is addressed correctly and properly to avoid any mishaps in the delivery of the card. 

How to Address a Postcard

How to Address a Postcard

The postcard has two sides. The front of the postcard has a photo on it and if you are making your postcard, reserve the front piece for a photo. The back side is where you address the recipient.

Refer to the back of the postcard to get started.

Step 1. Addressing a postcard

The back of the postcard is divided into two sections. The left-hand side is where your message to the recipient is and the right-hand side is where the recipient’s address and postcard go. 

There usually is an already printed vertical line denoting the right and left-hand side, and midway down the right-hand side three horizontal lines denoting where the address should go.  

If you are making your postcard, or you purchased a postcard that does not have the pre-printed line to fill in the address, you’ll have to create a format at the back of the card yourself. 

  • Divide the postcard into a right and left portion with a vertical line. The right portion should be at least 2-1/8 inches wide
  • rule out three horizontal lines midway down the right portion

Step 2. Write the address

Write the address of where the postcard is to be sent to on the horizontal lines drafted on the right-hand side of the postcard. Be sure to write the address neatly and boldly so it is legible to anyone who reads it.

On the first line is the recipient’s name, then the street address of the recipient, the city and state, and on the last line, the zip code.

You can also draw a neat box around the address to help it stand out when postal workers see it. It makes their work easier and reduces the likelihood of mistakes.

Step 3. Write a return Address

A return address is not necessary but it is important. If for any reason your postcard cannot be delivered, instead of being tossed away it can always be mailed back to your return address.

The return address is to be written at the top left corner on the left side of the postcard. 

Step 4. Address the Recipient 

On the left side of the postcard, write the recipient’s name and address him with a simple greeting. Since most postcards are sent to family and friends, the greetings should be informal, casual, affectionate, and approachable. 

For example, “Dear Aunt Jane”, “My darling Lisa”, ” My Dear Isabella”, etc. 

However, if the relationship you share with the recipient is formal, use standard titles to address them, for example, ” Dear Professor”, “Dear Mr. John “, “Dear Mrs. Lane”, etc.  

Step 5. Write the Date

Do not forget to include a date. Add the date the postcard is being sent at the top right corner of the left side of the card. 

If it’s a handmade postcard, write the date the photo you want to attach to the postcard was taken.

Step 6. Write your message

Write your message in the blank space left on the left-hand side of the postcard. You can write about learnings, adventures, and new things you’ve tried out. You can also write about people you’ve met, foods you’ve tasted, places of attraction that you’ve visited, etc. 

Once you’ve shared your experiences and joy, sign your postcard and use closing to bid the recipient farewell. For example, ” loads of love from(destination)”, “can’t wait to see you”, and ” wish you were here”. 

Step 7. Apply postage

Do not forget to apply postage before sending off your postcard. The only way your postcard will get to your intended destination is with a postage stamp. Stamps can be purchased at post offices, pharmacies, grocery stores, etc. 

The stamp is to go at the top right corner on the right side of the postcard near the recipient’s mailing address, as it is with most envelopes.

Do not be stingy with stamps, and be sure to add more than enough postage for your postcard to be delivered safely, especially when you are sending one across International waters. 

Things to Write About in a Postcard

If you are finding it hard to think of an experience or activity to tell your recipient about in your postcard, you can reflect on all you have done and seen so far. 

You can get the attention of the recipient by telling a story of an interaction you had with someone, or of a place you visited. Your recipient would want to read about something fun and exciting. 

You could also give travel tips about your adventures so far and educate the recipient about the culture, food, and way of life of the locals of your destination. Things he’d need to take note of if he ever wanted to visit this place sometime.

Some other things you can write about in your postcard:

  • Talk about what a wonderful experience you had on a particular day 
  • Share your experience with locals
  • Talk about the weather
  • Narrate the story of the picture behind the postcard.
  • Recommend tourist and attraction sites
  • Tell a fun fact or a popular saying about your destination. 
  • A quote from a movie you saw
  • Share a new recipe you’ve just learned
  • Talk about something you had heard about the locals that aren’t true.

And that’s it for how to address a postcard. So, go ahead and send that postcard to your loved ones, share your experiences with them and show them that you are thinking of them.

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