How to Buy Unclaimed Mail 

Each year a lot of mail gets unclaimed, leaving a collection of boxes lying around. Some postal services refund customers whose package goes missing, while others sell them off.

Thinking of purchasing unclaimed mail? Here’s all you need to know about unclaimed packages and how to purchase them.

When Does Mail Classify as “Unclaimed”?

Hundreds of thousands of packages find their way to their intended recipient every week. However, a large number of packages never make it to their destinations. There are several reasons for this setback.

Wrong address

Sometimes, the package could have the wrong address written on it. As expected, they are to be shipped back to their sender, but not many persons include a return address.

For some, the address label falls off when the package is mishandled. Sadly, this means there isn’t any way of knowing when the package will go.  

Failed delivery 

For example, if you cannot receive a package when it arrives, it returns to the delivery company. You are to go pick it up or schedule another delivery date. If you fail to do any of these, your mail eventually becomes unclaimed.

Unclaimed mail cannot be stored in warehouses forever. If they were, the company could run out of space to store them. So, sooner or later, it has to be moved.

What Happens to Unclaimed Mail?

After a given period, unclaimed mail has to be auctioned or sold off. The time taken depends solely on the postal service. For USPS, if a package is not claimed within 90 days, it will be sold off. You can purchase one yourself if you’d like. 

Is it Legal Purchase Unclaimed mail?

Yes, you can legally purchase unclaimed mail and buy these packages online and even physically.

Note: Unclaimed mails will always be packages. For security purposes, postal services do not sell out letters as unclaimed mail.  

Who Can Buy Unclaimed Mail?

Anyone can purchase unclaimed mail. However, it is fair to say that the most common purchasers of unclaimed mail fall into a few categories

Content Creators

One of the most popular purchasers of unclaimed mails are content creators, mainly TikTok and YouTube creators. A recent trend is about users unboxing unclaimed mail on their pages to get views.  


Many people purchase unclaimed mail intending to donate its content to charity stores.

Online stores

Another set with the highest purchases comes from online stores and businesses. These companies purchase unclaimed mail in bulk. They try to get as much as possible at cheap prices. They buy to make a profit.


Individuals can also purchase unclaimed mails. They could buy in bulk from auction sites, local swap meets, or online.

Where to Purchase Unclaimed Mail

There are several places unclaimed mail are sold. You can purchase them on sites like or Or from vendors at a local swap meet, physical stores, etc.

If you want to purchase Amazon unclaimed mail, you should visit the Liquidation site to bid for them. They sell unclaimed mails in bulk.

You will find unclaimed mail from different services on other sites such as eBay, Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, and Poshmark.

How Much does Unclaimed Mail Worth?

Some days might not be good for finding nice packages. We recommend you call ahead to find out when shipments arrive.  

There is no way of telling how much your package will be worth since it’s a ” mystery box.” It could be anything from a designer-labeled purse to a gift card. Some unlucky buyers end up with ugly sweaters or oversized clothing, while some end up with high-end trainers.

You get a physical unopened package when you buy these packages from stores, swap meets, or online. So, it is impossible to tell if the item will be valuable or low-quality.

However, you can know what a package is worth if you purchase unclaimed mail from a site like They usually post what they are auctioning. But remember that this site sells in bulk, and their items are slightly more expensive than you expected.

Does Unclaimed Mail Arrive in Good Condition?

Yes, Unclaimed Mails usually arrive in good condition. Employees open and inspect these packages beforehand to ensure that the items are good enough to be sold.

They are handled and delivered with care, just like any other package would. So, It is rare to find a broken or damaged package.

You can rest assured that your package will be in its original condition when purchased.

How to Avoid Scam When Purchasing Unclaimed Mail

As with online buying activities where deals and bargains are made, scammers are always lurking around. You need to be vigilant when purchasing unclaimed mail to avoid being scammed.

Some of the things you can do to avoid scammers:

  • Purchase your items on trusted sites vetted by users.
  • Research the vendor using Better Business Bureau(BBB) before buying any package. Visit and input the name of the said vendor to see ratings and reviews of his/her product before buying.
  • Before completing any transaction, check for reviews and feedback on a vendor’s product. Click on the vendor’s profile to read through the experiences of past customers. If they were scammed, or we’re sent fake packages.
  • Inspect the vendor’s website to know if it is fake.

Some red flags to look out for:

  • Wrongly spelled domain names or email addresses.
  • No contact information
  • Unprofessional website layout
  • Poor quality pictures

Auction sites like GovDeals and Liquidation are legit. But, you will definitely need to inspect deeper if you purchase unclaimed mail from an online vendor or an independent auction.

And if you are buying unclaimed mail at a local swap meet or somewhere else close to home, make sure you trust the vendor.

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