How to Mail a Package

Mailing a package becomes easy when you know which shipping option you want, how to properly pack and weigh the package, and how to address the package.

As long as you’ve got all these figured out, you can get your package to where you want it to go in no time.

How to Mail a Package 

Mailing a package can be a bit complicated and even confusing, especially if you have never mailed a package before. Below is a guide to help you through it.

Choose a Shipping Service 

There are various things to consider when choosing a shipping service, such as the shape, size, and weight of the package, destination, package contents, tracking, insurance, etc.

Knowing what option is best for you depends on how quickly you want your package delivered, its size, and its weight.

Here are some mailing options to consider:

1. Priority Mail

Using priority mail to ship packages saves you from spending a lot of money. You can use priority mail to pay a flat rate for mailing your package regardless of its weight.

This service offers many flat rate boxes, which means that you can mail a package that weighs up to 70 pounds as long as it fits inside the standard box offered by the United States Postal Service. Plus the boxes for priority mail are free.

Priority mail also has a delivery time of 1-3 days and comes with a free mail tracking feature. This means you can track your mail throughout its journey to its recipient.

2. Priority Mail Express

Priority mail express unlike regular priority mail is more expensive, but it is faster and offers refunds. It takes about 1-2 days to get your package to its destination.

And, it also offers the flat rate box feature. You can ship a package that fits into the box even if it weighs up to 70 pounds. Express mail provides tracking information for your package, the recipient’s signature for confirmation of delivery, and insurance coverage.

3. Retail Ground

Retail Ground used to be called a standard post,  and it is the most affordable way to ship a package, with a maximum weight of 70 pounds.

However, it is the slowest method, taking between 2-8 days for delivery. If time isn’t a problem, the retail ground is a great option for you.

4. First Class Mail

First-class mail is a cheap way to send packages that weigh less than 13 ounces within 1-3 days.

First Class mail offers features like delivery confirmation and insurance for damaged or lost packages.

5. Media Mail

Media mail is the best service for shipping CDs, books, charts, disks, and other computer-readable media. However, items like computer hard drives and video games do not qualify to be shipped through media mail.

You should confirm with a postal worker if your item qualifies to be mailed before you package it.

Pack Your Package 

Place your item into your preferred box or envelope and add cushioning materials like bubble wraps, for fragile items, and seal it shut at the top and bottom with tape.

Address/ Label Your Package  

Once you’ve figured out which mailing option you want to go with and have packaged your item, you will need to ensure that you correctly address the package so that it is delivered correctly.

Here’s a simple guide on how to label the delivery address

Step 1: Write or print the delivery address on the largest surface area of the package. It should be large enough to contain both the delivery and return address.

If you are writing, ensure that your writing is clear and easy to read to avoid misdelivery of your package.

Step 2: Input the delivery address at the center bottom of the box. You will want to leave enough space at the top left corner for the return address.

Step 3: Write the recipient’s legal name in full, and avoid nicknames. If you are sending the package to a company, use its full name.

Step 4: For an international package, include the province and country alongside the zip code. And if any of the info exceeds a line for example apartment number, write it on its line before the state and city.

Note: Write as clearly as possible with a bold pen or a permanent marker the delivery address. Avoid using pencils as they can fade or clean off easily.

 The return address is labeled similarly to the delivery address. The difference is that the return address goes on the top left corner of the package.

Also, write “SENDER” over the return address to reduce the risk of both addresses being confused.

Mail the Package 

Step 1.

Take your package to the post office to be accurately measured and weighed. A postal worker at the counter will weigh your package for you.

Step 2: Purchase the required number of postage and apply it to your package in a clear location. Postage often goes at the top right corner of an envelope, but it differs for packages. You could also ask the postal worker to apply the postage for you

The postage label includes a barcode that is to be scanned throughout the delivery of the package, so be sure to place it where it is visible.

Step 3: Hand your package over to the postal worker to have your package scanned and processed for delivery.

You can request a receipt to confirm the transaction.

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