How to Track a Certified Mail

Anyone can send certified mail. Companies send certified mail for business and regulatory reasons, primarily because certified mails provide companies with proof of mailing, secure delivery, and archives proof of delivery.

With certified mail, you don’t have to wonder if your mail has been received or not because you will be able to track its progress. 

Ways to Track Certified Mail

Documents sent using Certified Mail are usually very important and sometimes sensitive. It is necessary, therefore, that senders would want to track their delivery to ensure it gets to its destination as planned.

So, one main reason people switch to Certified Mail is built-in tracking features, which enable you to watch every motion your mail makes beginning from you to its destination. 

Use Your Certified Mail Tracking Info

When you order Certified Mail, you can simply use the tracking code on your receipt. To do this, go to the USPS website, locate the tracking section and enter the tracking number. With that done, information about its current location, previous location, and estimated arrival time will be provided to you.

Use Text to Track Certified Mail

In case your internet is acting up, a quick, short and free way to track your Certified Mail is by text message using your cell phone. With no need for a download, installation of any sort, or account needed to be created, just text your tracking number to the short message code “28777.” Within 40 seconds, you will receive tracking information regarding your Certified Mail.

Use the USPS Mobile App

From their respective online stores, USPS’ free mobile app can be downloaded and used on Android and iOS devices.

After installation, create a free account and provide the needed information. Through this app, you can track all you do through USPS using this mobile app. You’ll be able to, not just see each step your Certified Mail makes, but you’re also going to benefit from other USPS services, 

Use the USPS Informed Delivery and Electronic Signature Online Services.

Informed Delivery updates you about any pieces of mail that are going to hit your mailbox that day or shortly. You can register free and login to Informed Delivery at any time to see your current mail or ready-to-be-delivered mail. Electronic Signature Online Services puts your digital signature on the USPS platform, so you can avoid having to be home to sign for Certified Mail. Combined, you can sign and accept mail at the point of delivery, even without your physical presence.

Process of Packaging & Sending Certified Mail

It is important to understand the process of sending certified mail. Otherwise, you may not be able to track the mail, or it may not get to the desired destination. Here is a simple guideline that explains the process of packaging and sending certified mail below: 

Step 1: Obtain a Certified Mail Form 3800 from your post office. In the form is a green and white sticker with a barcode that enables you to track your mail. And, a perforated receipt, which proves you mailed the item. Pen down all necessary information on the form.

Step 2: Take off the backing and stick the sticker at the top edge of the mailing envelope, the right of the return address.

Step 3: Pay the postage for the specified type of mail delivery.

Step 4: Choose a restricted delivery service to ensure that a specified person receives and signs for the certified mail or otherwise.

Step 5: Decide if you want to pay for the return receipt service, providing a receipt that gives you the certified mail recipient’s signature.

Step 6: Collect and keep your stamped and dated receipt. Check online to see the delivery date and receiver.

How to track a Certified Mail without a Receipt 

After sending your mail, they will give you a receipt that contains your tracking number, and it’s easy to lose it. 

Losing your certified mail receipt is not as bad as you think because making mistakes is humane. It might require taking a few extra steps, but it is possible to track your certified mail without your receipt. Here is how to go about it below:

Return to USPS Branch

The easiest way to track your mail when you don’t have your receipt is to go back to where you sent the mail. 

Most of these post offices have records of packages sent through them. When you get there, speak reasonably well as they are not required to assist you with the issue.  

Rely on the receiver

You can place a call to the person who is to receive the mail to find out if they have got it. Or, you could wait for an email alert from USPS that lets you know your certified mail has gotten to its destination. This may not be the best option, but it might work for you. 

Use USPS My Choice

USPS My Choice has a paid and free version, however, with the free version, you can find your package without your receipt. 

To use this, simply visit the official website and register with your details for either the paid or free version. At the top right of the page, select the “tracking tab”. 

You will see all the packages being sent from or to your address. Select the package you want to track. 

Use Informed Delivery USPS

Informed Delivery USPS has the USPS My Choice option that allows you to track your package without a receipt. 

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